For the last several months on the forums as well as tech calls I have taken, there have been a lot of people unnecessarily upgrading their computer operating system and then wondering why their printers do not work.

When a new OS comes out, whether it is Mac or Windows, there is usually a wait time until new drivers come out for your peripherals like cameras and printers.

As the new OS is nearing release, Apple and Microsoft send developers the software to allow them write new drivers for the new OS. Bear in mind large printer companies like Epson and HP usually have the drivers ready before the release of the new OS. But camera and dye-sub printer manufacturers usually do not have the drivers ready until after, and sometimes long after the OS release. To make matters worse, some older printers will not ever have new drivers written for them.

For example, Mac 10.6 came out in August 2009 and I just upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6 last week. I am still running Windows XP Pro on my Dell but should be upgrading in a month or two to Windows 7.

Avoid the desire to be the first on your block to buy and load a new operating system until you make sure all the new drivers you need are ready and working. Save yourself the headache and remember your business computer is a revenue-generating machine, so if it ain't broke, think about it before you "fix" it.