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NEW DNP Passport Printer


DNP IMSA is pleased to debut the new ID400DC3 Wireless Passport Photo System. Enjoy the same convenient wireless operation you’ve come to expect with a new slim line digital camera. The ID400W printer + New Sony W800 digital camera bundle makes it profitable to participate in the passport photo business! With state-of-the-art face detection and automatic face alignment, the ID400DC3 delivers a photo that will pass government agency controls.

Please be informed that effective immediately, the ID400DC2 is discontinued due to the Sony W710 digital camera discontinuation.

The new ID400DC3 bundle product will include the Sony W800 digital camera model.

A Case for Dedicated Equipment


Live and learn! This past weekend we had a friend who contracted a high school reunion event, complete with photo booth, candid photos and class photos, all printed on site. All in all it was the perfect lesson in dedicated equipment!

The reunion coordinator requested the night begin with a photo booth, complete with fun props to kick the night off with fun photos. The photo booth set up consisted of a laptop tethered to camera and printer as well as a single studio light. The set up was perfect; however, the timing of classmates arriving and the use of the photo booth was not good. Naturally, classmates were excited about seeing one another, and not ready to use the photo booth at the beginning of the event.

Next, there was a dinner and presentation, during which time the photographer was asked to capture candid photos. This set up consisted of a second camera, hand-held bracked with off-camera flash and sync cord. Again, the perfect set up. Photos were to be posted on the web for post-event orders.

The real problem came with the group photos. Once the presentation was concluded, people wanted to use the photo booth but the photographer was tied up with the class photos so it wasn’t an option. There was a second light arrangement set up in another area; however, they attempted to use the same printers as for the photo booth. Needless to say they couldn’t be in both places at once, so the photo booth was a complete bust. There wasn’t adequate time to switch the laptop and printers to the software required for the class photos so rather than print everything onsite, all of the photos were printed the next day and mailed to the classmates. You can bet the revenue generated for the event suffered at the expense of not having dedicated equipment.

In hindsight, the photographer realized they needed a self-service, touchscreen photo booth with dedicated camera, laptop, printer, etc. This would have allowed people to use the photo booth while the class photos were being taken and people would not have been in such a hurry to conclude the event.

In addition to the second studio light arrangement, they needed a dedicated camera, laptop and printer set up for the class photos. This would have made the workflow run smoothly, all photos would have been printed at the event and more revenue would have been generated through the photo booth as well as additional class photos being sold as a result of instant gratification for attendees.

Lesson learned: don’t pinch pennies so tight that you try to share equipment for different applications, especially for onsite printing! Invest in the equipment you need to fulfill your entire photo operation and it will pay for itself in additional revenue generated!

Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 2.4.1 users need to upgrade FREE


DSLR Remote Pro for Windows version 2.4.1 issues June 2013.

There has been an unexpected problem running a version of DSLR Remote Pro for Windows which was released in May 2012. Running DSLR Remote Pro for Windows version 2.4.1 on or after Saturday June 1, 2013 may result in an “Invalid registration code” error message like the one shown here.

How do I check whether I am affected? Visit http://www.breezesys.com/DSLRRemotePro/support241.htm for more information.

Tips to Protect Your Data


The loss of critical data can be a devastating experience. Thanks to DriveSavers for the following tips!
1. Back up, back up, back up! Always keep a current copy of your data on another type of storage media. Test and verify your backups regularly. Keep at least one verified copy offsite and secured.
2. Invest in a comprehensive backup stragtey. Consult your service provider about the right backup solution for you.
3. Back up and verify your data before performing any system upgrade.
4. Invest in an Uninterupptible Power Supply (UPS) for all your computer equipment to protect against power spikes, blackouts and other power issues.
5. Turn off external storage devices only after shutting down the computer to avoid possible directory corruption from occurring.
6. Purchase an anti-virus solution. Subscribe to the automatic update feature to limit the opportunity of being infected by a new virus.
7. Do not move a drive while it is operating. Physical damage could occur resulting in data loss.
8. Provide adequate space around your computer equipment to allow for circulation and cooling.
9. If the drive was previously in a very cold environment, allow it to warm up to room temperature before operating.
10. If you hear unusual noises, turn off the unit immediately because those sounds may indicate a mechanical problem that could result in data loss.

Call DriveSavers at 800.440.1904 for your free estimate - make sure you give them the reference number DS26705 for imageTech Marketing for your special discount!

You will need:
  • make/model of your computer
  • operating system you are using
  • physical capacity of your failed hard drive or digital storage device
  • symptoms leading up to data loss
  • recovery attempts that have been made
  • names of the most important files you wish to recover
Feel free to contact Cj at imageTech Marketing for more information about data recovery!

Mitsubishi releases FREE MATTE FINISH


Mitsubishi expanded the versatility of the CP-D70 series event photo printers with the addition of Super Fine Print mode and Super Fine Matte finish. Super Fine Print produces stunning studio quality photo prints by increasing the optical density of the photograph, adding contrast and visual depth. The new, highly requested, Super Fine Matte mimics the traditional finish of matte photo paper for studio quality prints anywhere, anytime using the standard media.

Existing Technology
• Mitsubishi’s newly developed image processing methods analyze the image file to optimize the photo print.

New Technology
• Super Fine Print mode slows the line rate of the print head, strategically applying more dye when needed to increase contrast and visual depth. Thereby delivering studio quality photo prints with sharper edges, crisper text, and less chance of smearing.
• Super Fine Matte mimics the look and feel of traditional matte photo paper by forming a random matte texture on the photo print with the clear overcoat sheet of the print ribbon.

• Optical density increased for deeper blacks

• Adds depth and detail to photo prints

• Sharper edges and crisper text

• Reduces smearing and draglines

• Uses standard media – no new media to buy

Mitsubishi Reliability and Durability
For traditional dye-sub photo printers, applying a matte finish can increase wear on the print head, however; Mitsubishi print heads are shielded from this wear by an applied protective film that enhances print head durability. And, genuine Mitsubishi media is equipped with a back-layer dye sheet that also protects against print head wear.

How to get it – FREE!
The Super Fine Print mode and Super Fine Matte finish features have been combined with the 2×6” Multi-cut upgrade and are available by download from the Mitsubishi Imaging Products Division website:
• Printer firmware and printer driver upgrade - http://www.mitsubishi-imaging.com/drivers-downloads

• Instructions for Super Fine and Super Fine Matte – http://www.mitsubishi-imaging.com/superfine-driver-overview

• Instructions for 2×6” Multi-cut - http://www.mitsubishi-imaging.com/2-x-6-multi-cut-photo-strip-print-option

Contact us at imageTech Marketing at 714.639.5411 or 402.630.4560 for more information and support.

Self-Contained Photo Booth


Standard Model complete with: ~ Durable photo booth case (with wheels, shelves, brackets, cables, power cords, etc.) ~ Touchscreen Monitor ~ Studio Light with Diffuser Panel ~ DNP RX-1 Printer ~ One case 4×6 Media ~ Laptop Computer ~ Breeze Systems Photo Booth Software Customized components and graphic panels available

Birds Eye View Image Capture Technique


We introduced the revolutionary external camera monitor from Marshall Electronics, the leader in video imaging components. This opened exciting in-roads to the world of still image capture with our affordable monitor kit, complete with multiple power options, table stand, sun shield and a variety of cables for operation. The optional carrying case helps you transport the monitor safely from location to location. Response to the new monitor has been exceptional from professionals with years of image capture experience via tiny view finders and small camera monitors. This new component naturally expedites image capture, as well as real-time viewing of captured images.

Passionate photographers will go to any length to capture their vision. Cj Wilson remembers climbing the creaking stairs to an old church attic to capture a unique image of the bride and groom in front of a high stained glass window. The idea could have been devastating as the rickety old folding chair on which she was standing collapsed, injuring her ankle.

I photographed the entire wedding in pain because the show must go on!" Cj recalls. "If only I had the Bird's Eye View Kit."

imageTech owner, Doug Schirripa says we are just scratching the surface of what the external monitor will mean to sports and event photographers, as well as other categories such as journalism, nature, forensics, etc. For minimal investment, customers are emerging with unique image capture options. For some, it's a major edge over the competition, both in speed and variety of image capture as well as added creativity in portrait photography. "Things are looking up for more profits," says witty Schirripa.

Cameras with live view that can be used for this technique include: Canon 5D, 5D Mark II, T1i, T2i, 7D and Nikon D3, D3x, D3s, D700, D300 and D300s, D90.

Order your "Bird's Eye View" kit today! Call 714.639.5411 or 402.630.4560 to talk with one of imageTech's professional consultants to discuss specific applications.