AirCastPro II Wireless Print Server - Express Edition

AirCastPro II Wireless Print Server - Express Edition

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We are excited to announce AirCastPro II Express Edition Mobile and Desktop Wireless Print Server, the successor to our best selling AirCastPro Wireless Print Server. 


AirPrint For Your Dye-sub Photo Printer, AirPrint For Your Photo Booth

AirCastPro II allows you to utilize dye-sub printers from your iOS® iPhone or iPad, Android device, or Windows and Mac OS PC's.

There is no setup required. Simply connect your printer via USB, power up AirCastPro II and join the AirCastPro wifi hotspot and you are ready to print. It is that easy. Print from any app or photo booth app that supports AirPrint on iOS.

So whats new with AirCastPro II?

Printer Auto-Discovery
Plug in your printer and let AirCastPro™II do the rest; discover and configure your printer for you.  Click for video.

Print with Hot Folders
You can now drag and drop your images to one of AirCastPro™II's hot folders for quick, easy and worry-free printing.  Click for video.

Lightning-fast HEIPr™ Engine
AirCastPro™II has replaced its already fast imaging engine with the brand-new, ultra-fast HEIPr™ Engine. HEIPr™ can process images as much 2 times faster than its predecessor, and with large image files up to 25 times faster.   Click here for speed test video

More Supported Printers
Many Sinfonia, Citizen, Mitsubishi, Hiti, FujiFilm, DNP, Sony, Shinko, Kodak, and CIAAT printers are supported by AirCastPro™II. Click here for a full list of supported printers.

Overcoat Watermarking
Add custom overcoat watermarks to your prints (Most Citizen and DNP Printers).  Click for video.

Media Levels At-A-Glance
See how much paper your printer has right from your printer's listing with AirCastPro™II's new visual paper gauge.
Reprint Gallery
Need to reprint an image? The Reprint Gallery lets to see the image, choose the number of prints, and change the printer if you need.  Click for video.
Redesigned Wifi Networking
More responsive and flexible wifi with password verification.
Redesigned Print Queue
The new Print queue will now show the status of your image as well as an image thumbnail.
User-Selectable ICC Profiles
Users can now select a variety of color profiles associated with their printer (if applicable).


  • Three times faster than the competition,  Click here for speed test video
  • Supported Printers:
    -DNP DS40, DS80, DS620DS820RX1HSQW410
    -FujiFilm ASK-300, ASK-500
    -Hiti P520L, P525L
    -Mitsubishi CP-D80DWCP-D70DWCP-D90DWCP-M1A, CP-K60DW
    -Sinfonia CS2, S1245, S2145
    -Citizen CX-02, CX-02W, CY-02, CY-02W, CZ-01, OP-900II
    -Click here for a full list of supported printers from Citizen, DNP, Epson, Fuji, HiTi, Kodak, Mitsubishi, Shinko, Sinfonia and Sony.
  • Print from your iOS photo booth app (for a list of apps visit the FAQ) or any app that supports Apple AirPrint
  • Easy and intuitive printer setup and administration, from setup to printing in less than 1 minute
  • Monitor and administrate remotely, on any device that can use a web browser
  • Instant Borders can be automatically be added to any prints,  Click here for video
  • Create Printer pools using any mix of printer make/models of your choice
  • Print from multiple iPads, iPhones and Android devices to one or more printers
  • Control printer settings
  • Two USB ports to connect printers (Use a USB hub to connect more than two printers)
  • Built-in wireless hotspot connection 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/ac
  • Connect to hotspot or wireless internet connection for sending photos via text message, email and social media
  • Internet access not required for printing
  • Built-in 10/100 Ethernet with automatic DHCP for network and/or internet access
  • Print wireless from your Windows or Mac computer
  • Over the air software updates
  • One year warranty on hardware, six month warranty on power supply

Own an AirCastPro? Upgrade your AirCastPro to AirCastPro II today, click here for details


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