AirCastPro Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding AirCastPro. If you have additional questions call us at 714-639-5411.

What printers does AirCastPro Support?
AirCastPro currently supports the following printers. Additional Hiti and Mitsubishi printing are coming soon.
-DNP DS40, DS80, DS620, DS820, RX1HS
-Mitsubishi CP-D90DW, CP-D80DW, CP-D70DW ($20 external wireless option is required when printing to the D70 printer)
-Sinfonia CS2

Can I print from my iPhone or iPad to AirCastPro
Yes, AirCastPro supports printing via AirPrint.

Can I print from my iPad photobooth app?
Yes, If your photobooth app supports AirPrint. We have tested the following apps:
-Curator PixBooth 2
-Luma Booth
-Simple Booth Halo
-Simple Booth Halo 2
-SnapPic Booth
-Salsa Booth
-Photo Media Booth
-Babeland Photo
-Mini Photo Booth

Can multiple iPads print to AirCastPro at the same time?

Can I connect multiple printers to AirCastPro
Yes, you can even create a printer pool so print jobs will be split up among multiple printers. A printer pool can can consist of the same printer models or different models and manufactures.

Can I have multiple instances of my printer?
Yes, for example you can have one AirPrint printer setup for 4x6 and one setup for 2-2x6 prints.

When printing using the AirCastPro can I also send photos via text and social media to customers?
Yes, if you purchase the $20 external wireless option you can connect AirCastPro to your hotspot or wifi network. This will allow you to print via AirCastPro and access the internet.

My iPad has cellular connectivity, do I need the external wireless option?
No, if you iPad has cellular connectivity you do not need the external wireless option unless you are using a Mitsubishi CP-D70DW.